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Stuwade's Crafting House!

Han-San / Aug 22, 2017
Redfur's @Stuwade now has almost all Setcrafting stations (4 are left) under his roof.
A big thank you for all people of the Guilds (Hammerfell Trading, Traders of the Covenant and of course Redfur Trading/Exchange) for the many master writ donations.

If you are a member of any of these Guilds you can port to @Stuwade with the Addon "Homeport & Houseport"

Crafting Home with 26 Set Stations @Stuwade
Use Houseport Addon to go there put these commands in Chat after installing the addon
1.) save /hp save 1 @Stuwade
2.) Teleportport: /hp 1


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